FTMO UsdJPY Scalper (Free Download)

With the race of growing forex market, a lot’s of prop firm is growing. Prop firms usually give money to trade and split profits. FTMO is one of the leading prop firms nowadays. Lots of new traders take the challenge and lose their money. You can use an auto trading forex robot where you do not need to trade manually and the robot will automatically pass your challenge.

The forex robot is created based on the market structure and Breakout strategy. You know structure and SMA are the most popular terms in the forex industry. There are so many forex profitable pro-trade using the same strategy. But we prefer a manual strategy rather than an auto trading robot

One disclaimer we want to mention is that we are not the main creator of this robot. We got this robot which cost us time and money. After that we tested it and we see it works. So we decided to share you with this website. So, please do your own research before you go to a real channel.

You can use this forex robot for any pair. But the robot created said you can get much better results to GBP USD pair. There is no restriction on which time frame you are using. We recommend testing this forex robot on other pairs and finding out your best-suited setting and forex pairs. You can also check out another free forex robot to test at the same time.

No martingale and grid strategy is used for this forex robot. You can see very little 1% drawdown when you are using this forex robot. You cannot find any forex robot without a drawdown, so you should not worry about the drawdown.

This is an mt4 indicator. This robot can also work with other brokers like ICMarkets and FTMO. Make use of your broker is regulated and low spread when you are using any broker. Usually, all the prof firm profits provide mt4 and mt5 platforms to use. You can you any of them.

The possibility of passing the FTMO channel is high using this forex robot. Before going to the real channel, please test this forex EA to demo the channel and see the real results of this forex robot.

Statistics show that only 10% of the trader passed the 1st phase. So you need most the trader are not disciplined and want to make quick money, that’s why they fail. Even you use a forex robot you have to have a proper trading plan and money management to follow so that your capital will be rescued and you do not break any rules in the prof firms.


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