90% Win Trend Trading Forex Indicator

For forex traders, the 90% Win trend trading forex strategy is a straightforward but incredibly successful trend-following method. Because it provides both cautious and aggressive entry points into the market, it may accommodate a range of trading philosophies and risk tolerances. This technique works well with timeframes of M15 and above, and it may be used with any currency pair.

Setting Up the 90% Win Trend Trading Strategy

Strategy Parameters:

  • Currency Pairs: Any
  • Timeframe: M15 and higher
  • Trading Time: Any
  • Risk Management: Ensure the risk per trade is no more than 2-5% of the total deposit.

Indicators Used:

  • Tess candles
  • ZZ semafor
  • ASCtrend
  • Regression channel (100)
  • Scalping Indicator (default setting)
  • Trend filter (periods 5)
  • Symbol changer

Trading Signals

Buy Signals:

  • Look for a green upward arrow from the ZZ semafor indicator.
  • Confirm with green bars on the Trend filter and Scalping Indicator.
    • Conservative Entry: Both filter indicators show green.
    • Aggressive Entry: At least one of the filter indicators shows green.

Sell Signals:

  • Identify a red downward arrow.
  • Confirm with red bars on both the Trend filter and Scalping Indicator.
    • Conservative Entry: Both indicators show red.
    • Aggressive Entry: At least one shows red.

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