High Frequency Robot EA (FREE DOWNLOAD)

A completely automatic trading robot, High Frequency Robot EA. The literary world moves quickly. When this robot interacts with the appropriate brokers, the profit can increase quite quickly. The choice of brokers and order execution latency, however, are important factors for this robot. You must identify trustworthy brokers with minimal delay. To run this high frequency trading robot, you will also need some high-quality virtual private servers or a dedicated server. If at all possible, attempt to use tick data when trying to improve this EA. It’s really easy to utilize this trading robot. I hope you can grasp high frequency trading.

Important Note (Must Read)

Using small live account is preferred for initial testing although you can use demo account too. Also use broker does not restrict you for the tight stop loss and pending order for best results.


 * Minimum deposit:  100$ 
* Recommended: M1 
Recomenden Fast VPS

Recommended Broker LINK
* Pairs all with a minimum spread!
* MT5 should not exceed 10 milliseconds!

* What’s new?

* Fixed committed mistakes by slippager.
* fixed the delay between operation and operation.
* Solved batch handling and risk.
* It is implemented so that you work on only two recommended blrokers, the rest are at the risk of the buyer.
* Fairer trailing stop.


* Plataform metatrader5

* Server: FxWinning-Live

* Login:103925

* Pass Investot: 548dhtTT


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