POVERTY XPRO V3.3 Binary Bot

From IT Team,
Greetings from Tradecity Africa. Congratulations on acquiring the Poverty X Pro Bot
trading software. You are one step closer to financial freedom. This is the newer version
of Poverty X bot. From this guide, you will learn how to;
• Load the binary bot on binary and deriv websites
• How to adjust the bot according to your preference and account balance •
How to run your bot profitably
• Strategies to use with the bot and on which markets
Poverty X Pro works like plug and play as it is fully automated. In this guide, only
additional parameters and recommendations are given to improve on your trading
All the best as you start your trading journey

How to Start :

Bot Description :

  • Market : any Vix 100
  • Trade Type :over/Under
  • Prediction : Based on Strategy
  • Stake : USD

Recommended Settings :

  • Initial Amount : 0.35$ or Set by yourself
  • Martingale Factor : Ajustable
  • Maximum Martingale Level : 2
  • Recommended Balance : $100
  • Stop Loss : Set by yourself
  • Take Profit : 1$ – 5$ per run bot (You can use more, but making 5% is already very good


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