Exponential Rise Bot (From 5$ -$20)

One can get Rise and Fall DBot, a binary bot, for free. This bot has a great approach and profitability. Its creative methodology brought a fresh viewpoint on market dynamics by fusing trend-following algorithms, dynamic stake adjustment, and the Martingale strategy. It’s really worth your while to test this bot on your account.

The bot’s ability to follow tick trends suggested that it was able to analyze market trends and make judgments based on the strength and direction of such trends. Its ability to adjust to shifting market conditions may have increased its success rate.

Its incorporation of the Martingale strategy was a crucial component. This meant that following a loss, the bot raised its investment in an attempt to make up for the loss and hit the desired profit in consecutive profitable deals. Although this can result in  to high returns, it poses a risk of significant losses, especially in volatile markets.

Recommendation for this DBot

  • Minimum account balance of 100$.
  • Work Best on VIX10(Volatility 100 Index).
  • Mobile compatibility is one of the future of DBots, like the Rise and Fall DBot. This allows traders to use them on their smartphones, offering more flexibility than traditional desktop-based Forex EA.
  • Target 5% one run, then wait some time and run again.
  • This FREE DBot only works on Deriv, formerly known as the binary.com Website. So, You need a Deriv.com Account.

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