YoForex Propfirm Robot (FREE EA Download)

YoForex EA is marketed as an advanced instrument with strategic prowess for traders who want to overcome prop firm issues. You can download this free EA here. On closer inspection, though, there is a discrepancy between the EA’s claimed capability and efficacy and what is actually true.

  • Designed for Proprietary Trading Challenges: A Gamble at Best
    • While the EA claims to be tailored to pass the stringent challenges set by proprietary trading firms, the inclusion of a Martingale strategy contradicts this claim. Martingale strategies, known for doubling down on losing trades to recoup losses, are inherently risky and can lead to significant drawdowns. Proprietary trading firms usually have strict risk management rules, making the success of such strategies in their evaluations questionable.
  • Martingale Strategy: Misleading Information
    • Despite explicit claims of not employing a Martingale strategy, But the YoForex EA does, in fact, use this approach. This discrepancy is misleading and raises concerns about the transparency and reliability of the information provided by the seller.

Recommendations for this FREE EA Download
  • Minimum recommended deposit
    • Developer recommended – Minimum deposit of $1000 for 0.01 Lot.Safe Method – You can also use a 100$ cent account or an equivalent standard account for the safe Method.
    Work Best on XAUUSD, GBPUSD, and US30 (Work on any currency pair)Work best on M1 and M5 (Work on any time frame)To reach stable results, This FREE EA Download should work on VPS without any interruption 24/7. So we recommend running this free forex EA on a reliable VPS (Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS)Work on any account. But, we recommend a broker with a cent account. (Find the Perfect Broker For You)
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