Binary Bot Free Download 90% Profitable

You can edit all the components of the .XML bot. After each trade, this bot takes 10 seconds from the next trade. If you like you can change whatever you like.

The capital requirement for this bot is $200. Your stake can be $5 or lower. This bot works best on the Vax 100 market. You can choose ticks duration between 5 ticks to 10 ticks.

You can run this bot any time you like to run. The best time to run this bot is: when the candlesticks are showing strong momentum.

This is .XML bot. You know only binary and deriv platforms accept this kind of bot. So, you have to have an account on a binary or deriv platform.

The profitability of this binary or deriv robot is awesome. You can make a quick profit using this binary bot. This binary bot also works in the mobile browser.

Please test this binary or derive an auto-trading bot to your practice account first. After you can be getting good results you can go to real with proper balance and make quick profits.

Recommended Settings:

Recommended balance $100 or $200
Initial Amount: $5
Stop Loss: $70 Target
Profit: $1-$2 (You can use more, but making 5% is already very good)

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