Binary bot with high win rate (High Risk)

The high-profit bot is one of the best bots I have ever used. You can make such a good profit with the little high-risk management of your binary account. When you are running this bot you will experience some risk, on the other hand, you will find a good return also.

The strategy is being used in the bot is high and low. The high-low spot will be either plus 1 or minus 1. this bot works best when the market is moving fast. You can test this bot for a slow market. The time duration for this bot is 6 ticks. You win the best if the price spot will ether minus 1 from the current price or plus 1 from the current price.

The high-profit bot can give you higher profits as well as secure your trading account. You can also lower your risk in the setting if you like. Entry touch an entry do not touch binary trading strategy is implemented to this binary bot. Apart from it, you can change selling plus 2-3 or minutes 2-3 of the entry.

You have to know when this binary bot works best and what time you should run this binary bot. We tested this bot and we find that when the market moves most this binary bot works great at that time. We also found that London and Newyork forex market open time market is most volatile. You can google it to find the time zone of these two sessions.

All the XML binary bot works on the deriv and bot platform. You cannot your binary XML bot to other binary platforms out there. You can use a PC even a mobile browser to use a binary bot. There is no restriction to use it.

Starting balance we recommend $100 to use this binary bot because it’s a little risky. And you can start with a $0.5 stake and stop loss should be 50% of the account balance. You can find your sweet spot of the stop loss after you test multiple times to your demo account.

This binary bot is one of the premium bots. We have spent so much time building a proven binary bot that can bring good profits that’s why we cannot give it for free. There are so many binary bots we are still offering for free, you can check this too, smart binary bot.

There is huge profitability using this bot. On the other hand, if you lose any bet the nest bet will be martingale by 2 times. In the end, you will make such a good profit with this bot.

Emotion control is the main factor for success in the binary industry. Please do not run this bot on any bot for a long time. The less you are in the market the high chance to make a profit with this bot. Do not be greedy.

When you download or purchase and binary bot, do not go straight into the real account. You have to test at least ten times before going to a real account. You can build confidence toward any particular binary bot in this way.

Recommended Settings:

Recommended balance $200
Initial Amount: $0.35
Stop Loss: $50 Target
Profit: $1-$2 (You can use more, but making 5% is already very good)

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