VOLATILITY 75 GRID MARTI is being sold $999 but Techwiz offers it free of cost to use. VOLATILITY 75 GRID MARTI works absolutely automatically 24/7. The trading logics is that the VOLATILITY 75 GRID MARTI finds the most likely based on advanced trading strategy. Signal calculations are based on indicators and mathematics used in the algorithm. As the result, this VOLATILITY 75 GRID MARTI system gives more accurate of winning trades.

VOLATILITY 75 GRID MARTI uses a newly developed innovative technology involving Simply load the expert advisor on chart and forget it will do all the calculations based on the market movements and opens orders and closes in profit. The VOLATILITY 75 GRID MARTI constantly monitors the market to find the perfect entry point. At this point, the VOLATILITY 75 GRID MARTI will open real trades.

List of files available in the Zip

Before Loading the EA file to chart , Please cross check the list of files available in Zip.
Copy paste the all the files in required folders available in “data folder”
in MT4 and MT5 platform.

List of files;



  1. Run the given EA on these pairs: vix 75 1s (NOTE: Each Robot has a specific name in package mentioning the related pair to it
  2. Select the recommended TF 1M to 4H on mt4 platform (M1,H4).
  3. Ensure the Auto-trading option on your mt4 is on.
  4. Do not switch timeframes once the EA is launched on M1 to H4.
  5. Recommended Spread of accounts should be below 10 points. Use the below Brokers for best perfomance.
  6. For best performance, you should use VPS (Online Computer Host) or keep your PC online at all times (not recommented but you can try).

Please note that EA is Smart, and it opens several trades, you might see trades going to minus, don’t panic that is how EA works, and it will close them in profit or minimum loss.

Before try real account use demo account for a month atleast a weak and see the performance . If you satisfied with the result you have seen on demo account . Then go for real account.

Risk Closure

All EAs and Indicators shared in MQLFX.com are working 100% on real and demo accounts tested with real account. So please ensure yourself before trading. We are not resposible for any loss.

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