For Volatility 50 Index:
🌐👉🏽 Platform Used:

One of the simplest auto trading features available on the binary options market is the binary trading robot. Only Deriv and offer this kind of auto-trading functionality. Binary options are made simple by that platform. You can trade in a variety of methods, including digit match, digit difference, and call/put. You should check out that site for manual trading as well; you never know where you can discover trading methods that will change your life.

One of the original bots is called Digit Under Binary. This bot is not used, or even thought about, by people. due to the fact that some bots using the same bot approach have an advantage. But you should test out this bot because it has the potential to be profitable. If you’d like, you can check out the bot’s opposite, called “digit over the bot.”

How to Begin:
Step 1: Registering a binary bot (

Step 2: Visit or

Step 3: Upload the.xml file that was downloaded.

  1. Launch the bot.

Five: Earn money

Watch robot on live account below

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