Binary Deriv Bot Sofia Trader Make $50 per Easy

Bot Description :

  • Market Pair : Volatility 10 Index
  • Trade Type : Even Odd
  • Prediction :Market Gradient
  • Duration : 1 Ticks
  • Stake : 0.35

Download and Run Bot Here👉

These are the settings below

💰 👉Earn $5 to $15 each run

Min Capital $50 and up

Bot can be run For 24/7 Trading

This bot’s strategy is based on market gradient. When the market is trending, run the bot.

Automatic Take Profit & Stop Loss

(Refresh & Reset After Each Run)

See bot live below

What are Binary Options Auto Trading Bot consist of?
Using sophisticated software to execute trades for traders without their involvement is known as binary options auto trading. In order to execute trades, this advanced sort of software uses parameters set by the trader in addition to algorithmic and signal-based judgments. In essence, binary options auto trading bots carry out your day trading duties, transactions, buys, and sells depending on your criteria, trading strategy, signals, and algorithmic pattern forecasts. These bots are helpful for several reasons, not the least of which is that they enable day traders to continue trading even when they are asleep or occupied with other activities. Additionally, they eliminate the human aspect from trading, which implies that traders can avoid taking actions based on emotion that might lead to losses.

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