My Profits Binary Bot Good for low Balance accounts

Today i will explain how you can use our bot trading system safe without any loss

  1. before use any bot – Go to and search for (CCleaner), This Software will enable you to delete your internet history. This way prevent Cookies to send any information about any bot you are using on your account.
  2. Try to use any bot one time on hour not more and then complete on the next hour
  3. Our bot uses a strategy called (Cross after cross) you should apply those strategy on chart before running the bot.
  4. To apply those strategy go to Trading view and then apply Macd indicator and Ma Cross on chart. As shown in the video below (Must Watch)

Try to apply seetings on bot to not loss 0.35 Initial amount and write 0 on expected profit- to get only 1 profit. Then run the bot again after 1 hour after using Ccleaner.

7 martingale =$10

10 Martingale=$25

12 Martingale=$50

15 Martingale$100

Download My Profits Here

Live account Performance Video below

2 Comments on “My Profits Binary Bot Good for low Balance accounts”

  1. Great sir, you are the best !!!
    I had no idea about the asset: RUN HIGH/LOW
    You are God sent for the newbies like us.

  2. Thank you,
    The explanation in the video is very clear. I will get Trading view and try following the video
    have a wonderful evening.

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