What is Agimat FX® iQ 

Agimat FX® iQ is a neural network-trained Forex Future prediction trading system with plenty of evidence for almost 100% accuracy to forecast Forex Micro Trends.

Agimat FX® iQ can predict ten minutes of future price movements in 5 Minutes time frames. The predicted price move is then printed on the chart and you need to wait for the confirmation alert. 

It is a breakthrough in Forex scalping with signals every five minutes and endless possibilities.

The software produces signals for manual execution or can trade fully automated. Agimat FX® iQ has been developed with the MetaTrader package for Phyton.

The forex trading system includes multiple libraries for machine learning and process automation. The necessary neural network files are encoded into the system and offline available on your computer after installation of the trading tool.

Unlike 99% of other Forex indicators, Agimat FX® iQ is not subject to periodic optimization. Statistical calculations and machine learning keep up effectiveness completely without any human participation.

The electronic Forex exchange market has contrivance, but Agimat FX® iQ applies smart automated adjustments.

This is the future of retail Forex trading.

How does it work 

Every currency pair has its own behaviour. I called it SSDD, “Same Shit Different Day”. Does it mean that each currency pair follows a specific routine? Yes, same patterns, same moves. Can’t you see it? Pull up a chart, and switch to the H1 time frame! It does not matter what pair or instrument.

Ok, back to SSDD = “Same Shit Different Day”. Institutions have figured out over the decades, fooling retail traders (Forex, Stocks, Options) with repeating patterns works. Obviously, that’s why there are pattern traders, breakout traders, swing traders etc.

A lot of those traders are able to identify swing patterns etc. but won’t get the correct timing for their trades, which results in extreme drawdown or stop-out before the price runs in favour.

Check stock market charts from the ’70s. It is SSDD, too!

The Best Forex Scalping Strategy – Try It!

Now, here comes Agimat FX® iQ into play!

I am very proud of Agimat FX® iQ and I used it myself daily. On average I execute 10 scalp trades a day from Monday to Thursday.  Each scalp no more than 1-5pips. I archive 100% accuracy that with . Try it yourself!

Download the Agimat FX® iQ Free Trial, watch the tutorial video, understand everything and start trading! The trading rules are simplified. 

To make it short, I have created an algorithm that compares the present financial market data in real-time with set files that are filled with years of Forex price history for all significant currency pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD or USDJPY.

My algorithm is based on a simple but extremely effective formula: “Prediction of Forex micro trends based on recent events/evidence from the past”. 

The AI algorithm, based on 370 scripts, will give Forex Scalping Signals every five minutes and drawing the predicted Forex price on the chart.

With an approach like that, the trading software will find repeating patterns and micro trends over and over again. With almost 100% accuracy Agimat FX® iQ fires buy or sell signals alongside 10 minutes forecast for the coming move of price.

If the behaviour of the currency pair changes over time, Agimat FX® iQ will recognize, adjust and store the new specifics for future performance. With the increase of new incoming data, the information set files are getting preponderant and larger.

Agimat FX® iQ trains itself efficiently on complete Forex price history while retaining the extrapolation properties of the data.  After a buy or sell signal has been given, the Forex Price Prediction will be printed on the chart in the form of candles before the current price.

This complex system works on 5M charts and is suitable for Forex scalping only. 


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