Semi Automatic Hedge EA MT5 FREE Download

This Hedge EA MT5 is a Semi Automatic MT5 EA trading tool that you set up with the hedge settings below. When you tell it to trade, either buy or sell it, then handles everything for you.

This is a full or semi automatic EA which is an excellent tool for hedging and the strategy “Never lose again”. If you think it’s hard to determine in which direction the market will go, this robot changes the direction in which the price moves, so you win no matter which direction the price moves.

A hedging strategy that makes it win no matter which direction the price moves. As long as the price moves, it wins. The risk with this strategy is consolidation areas. So combined with some manual analysis in areas where you know the price will most likely move away, it can do excellent results.

You decide at which price you shall hit your target, both above entry and below entry. The EA calculates needed lot sizes to reach your target approximately at your desired prices. You can also set how much drawdown is allowed before closing the trade cycle.

Hedge EA The trade panel

A highly customizable trade panel is where you decide on your setup. Drag the red lines to your desired target or enter manually. When the price moves to either of the red dashed lines, you will close in profit.

The blue line means it will begin with a buy, and the gray line below is the hedge zone; when the price reaches that price it automatically calculates the needed lot size to reach your desired target at the closest red line. 

Semi Automatic EA MT5 FREE Download

ADR / Avg Spread

The ADR is the average daily range showing how many pts this instrument normally moves in a day. This is good to know because you do not want this robot to run over market rollovers where the spread gets a lot higher.

So if your ADR is 500 pts, you should try to keep your target points lower than this, more like half your ADR. It’s great to combine this EA with the ADR Scalping indicator.

First Lot / Next Lot

Show your first/next trades lot size. This one calculates real-time so between entry and until you reach the hedge price this will change.

Trade cycle settings

A trade cycle is all your combined hedge trades together. So each cycle aims to open one or more positions, counted together as one unit, and when all trades in that cycle are in total profit or drawdown that you decided, it will close all trades.

Hedge Size (Pts)

This is your hedge distance before the Hedge EA changes the direction of your trade. This could be seen as your stop loss for each position.

Target Size (Pts)

This is how many points away from your entry and hedge your target (take profit) should be. It’s not exact but the EA calculates lot sizes the best it can to have your target reach desired price levels.

If you trade intraday, a tip is to have these within the ADR high and low.

Profit Target (%)

This is how much you want to profit in percent of your account equity when the price reaches any of your target lines, both upper and lower.

Max Drawdown (%)

How much % are you allowed to use for your hedge trades before it closes everything in loss?

Exit B/E from Pos+

Set a number from where the Semi Automatic EA will close the trade at breakeven if possible. If you enter 3, it will close the trade as soon as it reaches breakeven. This is good if you want to reduce your risk after a certain amount of positions and start over with another trade.

Please test in a demo account first for at least a week. Also, please familiarize yourself and understand how Semi Automatic MT5 Robot works, then only use it in a real account.

Recommendations for this Semi Automatic EA

  • Minimum account Balance of 100$.
  • Work on any Currency, Index, or Cryptocurrency.
  • Work on any Timeframe.
  • According to the developer, he passed the FTMO challenge using this EA. So this EA could be used for FTMO too.
  • This Semi Automatic Hedge EA MT5 works on any VPS. So we recommend running this free forex EA on a reliable VPS (Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS – FXVM)
  • Any broker that allows Hedging is fine for this EA. (Find the Perfect Broker For You Here)


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