Men Of Wealth V3+ Ultimate

Advantages of Men Of Wealth V3+ Ultimate

  • Automatically trades for you 100% across all Financial Markets
  • The system can trade 24/7 without human assistance.
  • Manages each position with Trailing Stop Loss and Trail Step
  • Exceptional Money Management with fixed Trade size/ Lot size
  • Open & Closes positions on it’s own without human assistance.
  • Multiple position for Aggressive trading, Hedge Trading and even High Frequency Trading.
  • Grow small accounts with proper Risk Management, from as little as 10USD
  • Interact directly with the market price automatically to Triple your account with less human assistance.

The Features

Multiple Positions

The System can take over 100 trades per trade

Trailing Stop Loss

All the positions are trailed gradually and simultaneously without halting

Take Profits

Profit targets are set automatically by the system for all opened positions with the same/different magic number

Close all button

The system has this button to close all open positions. All open positions (winning or losing) positions can be closed at once by this button

Automatically Closing Positions

The System can close all open positions automatically without any human assistance.

Manual Closing Positions

The system can be switched off to allow system user to manually close trades, preferably the winning trades. This button is displayed on the chart, and it is optional to use.

System Performance

The system has been applied and tested on the below markets. Please follow and watch the YouTube videos below to understand the Robot Capabilities on All Financial Markets.

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