Forex MT4 Advance Scalping Expert Adviser (With Presets)

A professional trading robot called Advanced Scalper has been in development for a long time. It incorporates spread-filter, slippage-control, and extremely sophisticated exit algorithms. It is completely adaptable to the demands of the client and provides a variety of setting options. Naturally, there are also suggested settings that will be offered.

Theoretically, the EA can be used on any low spread market with strong liquidity, however I specifically suggest EURUSD, USDJPY, and GBPUSD.

There are currently 2 applications for the EA:

Fully automatic trading with entry calculations made utilizing the High/Low breakout strategy. Any period can be used for this mode, however I suggest selecting H1 or H4 for entrance points that are more secure.
The Advanced Scalper EA can be used as a tool for manual trading methods, where the trader selects the entry points, or in conjunction with other EAs to establish the entry positions. The Advanced Scalper EA will use its advanced exit-algorithms to follow up those trades.
Future updates to the EA may include new entry- and/or exit-strategies, but only if they pass my rigorous quality control.

Principal Features of the EA

Use stop losses strictly in each trade.

extremely sophisticated SL-management spread filter to prevent trading in unfavorable market conditions slippage control algorithm, to prevent greater losses during heavy slippage
Any manual trade(s) or trades from other EAs may be used in fully automatic mode with customizable entries and exit strategies provided they pass rigorous high-quality backtests with actual variable spreads, commission, and random slippage at 99% tickquality.
Live outcomes that have been demonstrated on “high balance” accounts and with a variety of brokers.
Recommended minimum balance for full setup operation: $150
The EA should be used with brokers that have low spreads, low commissions, and quick execution. Additionally, a broker with STOPLEVEL=0 (=minimum distance to put SL) will perform best.

(Past DLL File Here)

Download Robot and set files here ( If your Antivirus remove dll just turn your antivirus off ,its not a virus)

See Robot Backtest Below

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