Boom & Crash Vix Powerfull Indicator With 👉Buy And Sell👈 Arrows

An intraday trading indicator is called Dark Point.

This indicator uses an atr to establish the appropriate volatility and is based on a trend-following method.

With the help of this indicator, we can buy at a favorable price and continue the present instrument’s positive trend.

This is the mt5 version

Key advantages
Take profit/stop loss lines that are clearly apparent
Colored guiding points and arrows that are intuitive
Informational statistics that show the signals’ success rate
Market Scanner is accessible; provide comments and make a free request.
For each timeframe and instrument, an automated adjustment
even for beginners, it is simple to use
Never redoes or repaints anything Don’t Lag
Fully compatible with the formation of expert advisors
There are all available alerts: Email, push notifications, pop-up windows, and sound alerts
extremely flexible settings

Use of low spread ECN brokers is encouraged.

This indicator is non-lagging and non-repaintable.

All timeframes are compatible.

All working pairs are compatible.

Follow all instruction in video below

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