Red Dragon Robot Mt5 With Vix 75 1s Setfile Easy $100 per day

The Expert Advisor uses the strategy grounded on the breakdown of the most important support and resistance situations. Adaptive trade running algorithm is used. The EA uses a veritably small SL so the account is always defended from equity drawdown with a veritably low threat- per- trade.

The EA integrates a system of partial position check during slippages( can be configured).
It was backtested and optimized using real ticks with,9 quality. It has successfully completed stress testing.

The EA contains the algorithm of statistics collection with affair on the information panel.

This Robot works only on MT5 and the set files i will give to you trades Vix 75 1s and boom 500 low risk

Works on 1 m time Frame

Min Capital 200

Download EA MT5 :

My reverse testing shows really good results and shows that profit was sustained after the product release date. Also has a live signal which shows sustained gains over a long time period. In my experience 95 of EA’s fail after the first many months so this one looks like a retired gem and good value. It seems to have had especially good performance over the last many months when a lot of other EA’s have degraded over the same period. Looking forward to seeing my live results. Update support is veritably good too. I reported a problem after setting it up on my VPS and the dev ever connected to my computer straight down, did a lot of disquisition and figured out the reason( it was a problem with my influence and lot size and not a problem with the EA)——- update after a month of live trades. veritably happy with the ea performance. So far have had roughly equal quantum of winning trades losing trades but the average palm has been further than double the average loss so it’s veritably good so far

Vix 75 1s Set File:

Boom 500 set File:

Here is the testing

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